Why SRP Chooses to Use Carolina Renovations

Losing tenants can be a nightmare for any property manager or landlord. Tenant turnover can kill profitability, costing landlords thousands of dollars per month. A bad turnover can literally wipe out years of profit in a real estate investment. Finding ways to avoid tenant turnover and prevent vacancy in your rental property is crucial to success.

Tennant Turnover

No matter how good you are at creating the best customer experience for your residents, you will have turnover. Life happens, people have children or their children move away, there are job transfers, and so on. Let’s face it, turnover can be expensive. When a rental property turns over, and there is no income coming in, the owner is the one that lays out the money to do all the needed repairs and updates. These repairs and updates are essential to make the unit rentable and desirable again. These repairs and updates can include catching up on any deferred maintenance, cleaning the entire property, and freshening up the landscaping. There is always advertising the unit, answering inquiries, showing the property, screening applicants, and signing leases, as your property sits empty with no rent coming in taking up time and money.

How Best to Use Your Time

SRP Realty & Management utilizes the services of Carolina Renovations, Inc. for daily repairs and market turns. Carolina Renovations Market turn crew is equipped to ready a property to rent again quickly with quality and efficient work lessening the downtime created by a vacating tenant. Now is the best opportunity to do maintenance and upgrades to the rental property. This might include things such as painting, decorating, maintenance repairs, plumbing, electrical and door locks, and even checking smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

The 411 on Carolina Renovations

Carolina Renovations is the best market-turn-ready renovation group, who services both North and South Carolina. Their expert team is experienced in both residential and commercial maintenance, repair, and renovation needs. They also have an on-staff interior designer/stager to assist in the model apartment and rental home designs that decrease delays in renting to new tenants. Their quality of work is uncompromised along with clear communication and carrying out clients’ expectations. At SRP, we want the best for you and that’s why we use Carolina Renovations- because they’re the best.