Broker Price Opinion Service

Overview of the Broker Price Opinion process

SRP Management can create a Broker Price Opinion report on a property

The BPO professional conducts the investigation. Many factors affect the price of a property:

  • characteristics of the individual property, such as structure type, size, room use, age, lot size, and parking
  • how the property fits into the immediate neighborhood
  • compliance with local zoning
  • characteristics of the neighborhood
  • values of similar properties in the surrounding area
  • the amount of cleaning, repair, and preparation needed to make the property marketable

The result is a report, usually two or three pages in length. This report includes analysis of the property and neighborhood, photographs, comparable properties (“comps”), and local and regional market information.

Broker Price Opinion Service

Our brokers can handle all of your pre foreclosure and foreclosure needs. We have also aligned ourselves with subcontractors to handle any minor and major maintenance needs from lock changes to roof tarping and anything in between including lawn maintenance.

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