How to Choose the Best Property Management Company in Charlotte, NC

    “Pricey, scarce and rising fast,” were the words at the beginning of the title of an article posted on “The Charlotte Observer’s” website. What was the subject of that article? The current state of the real estate market in and around the Queen City.

    If you’re an investor looking for a place to spend some money, Charlotte’s burgeoning real estate market may be a great place to park some funds. The U.S. Census shows that close to half of the Queen City’s households are rentals. In the last five years, the number of rentals in Charlotte has increased by 36 percent. With Charlotte expected to add 13,000 new apartments to its already lengthy list of rental properties in the next few years, the upward trend in the number of rental properties doesn’t seem like it will slow down in the near future.

    Between 2004 and 2014, only Jacksonville, FL grew quicker than the Queen City. With Charlotte being the home of over 800,000 people and about 2.5 million individuals living in the city’s metropolitan area, Charlotte is appealing to investors who want to flip or buy and rent singular or multi-unit properties.

    Sorting Through Property Management Companies near Charlotte, NC

    Whether you own rental property in Charlotte or another city, the odds are good that you have a well-written, binding contract for your prospective tenants. When you’re hiring a rental company, you’ll also need a contract that will protect your interests as well as your property.

    Of course, it won’t matter how well-done your contract is if you don’t have another party to sign it. To find a property manager that’s worthy enough to enter into a contractual relationship with you, you’ll need to sort through the property management companies near Charlotte, NC to narrow the list down to a handful of prospects you want to interview.

    As you’re going through the management companies that service the Charlotte area, be sure you eliminate organizations that don’t share your values or priorities. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, here are the steps you should take to find the realty management company that’s best for you:

    Conduct Research

    Before you start to interview your short list of candidates, research each company on your list. Look over their online reviews and the ratings they have with organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

    Check Licenses

    Many states require property managers to have a real estate broker’s license or a property management license before they can show rentals to prospective tenants. Make sure the company you want to hire has the proper license and that it’s certified by a respected group like the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

    Get Referrals

    Any reputable property manager will be happy to share referrals with you. Get referrals from the companies you’re going to interview and inquire about their experiences with the relevant property manager.

    Visit a Managed Property

    If a given company manages a property in your area, be sure you visit it so you can witness the organization’s work in person.

    Review the Management Agreement

    If a management company has its own agreement, review it carefully before you sign it. Pay extra attention to the services provided, extra fees, your responsibilities as well as the company’s and the hold harmless clause at a minimum.

    SRP Realty & Management: The Right Company for Any Rental Property

    Choosing a rental company is easy once you’re familiar with SRP Realty & Management. We’ve worked in the Charlotte real estate market for years and have plenty of experience in this niche as a result. We provide management services for single-family homes as well as multi-family units in and around the Queen City on behalf of investors who live close by and individuals who live overseas.

    People trust us with their property because we care for it like it’s our very own. To find the best property management company in Charlotte, you needn’t look beyond our organization. To learn why we’re the best fit for your rental property, contact SRP Realty & Management today.


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