• How To Find a Trustworthy Property Management Company in Charlotte, NC

    Rental properties are great investments with incredible return possibilities. However, if you have other responsibilities or own properties out of state, property management services can save you a lot of time and stress. Finding a dependable property management company can take away the stress and challenges that come with owning a rental property. Here are the best ways to find the right company for you and your property. Step 1. Join a Local Property Owners Association or Real Estate Invest…

  • What to Know When Leasing A Home

    Are you thinking about trying to break into the real estate market? While you can turn on the television and catch a show about flipping homes at just about any hour of the day or night, programs that explain how you can make money as a landlord aren’t nearly as easy to find. Although you may be hard pressed to find a show about being a landlord, there are house rental agencies spread throughout the country for a reason. And that reason is that there’s money to be made as a landlord and property…

  • How to Choose the Best Property Management Company in Charlotte, NC

    “Pricey, scarce and rising fast,” were the words at the beginning of the title of an article posted on “The Charlotte Observer’s” website. What was the subject of that article? The current state of the real estate market in and around the Queen City. If you’re an investor looking for a place to spend some money, Charlotte’s burgeoning real estate market may be a great place to park some funds. The U.S. Census shows that close to half of the Queen City’s households are rentals. In the last five y…

  • Hire a Professional Property Manager to Assist In Leasing Your Rental Property

    If you own rental property, you may want to hire a certified property manager. Learn why you  should hire a professional to help you lease your home or apartments.

  • Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company in Charlotte, NC

    Given the Queen City’s current rental market, it’s wise for landlords and home owners to seek help with property management in Charlotte, NC. Learn more about the benefits now.